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TTEAM Training


TTEAM, the Tellington-Touch Equine (Every) Awareness (Animal) Method is a training program for the mind, body and spirit of all animals. Learn to teach and communicate with all species using the TTouch and Confidence Course. Discover humane ways to change undesired behaviors in your animal. Learn how the mental, physical, and emotional balance of an animal effects behavior, and how you can make all your animal companions happier and healthier.


TTEAM Clinics

See the Clinic Schedule for upcoming TTEAM clinics. Or contact us us to schedule a TTEAM clinic in your area.




Private Training

Private TTEAM training sessions for individuals or groups are available by appointment, at your facility or ours.


Join the TTEAM mailing list

If you're interested in TTEAM methods and would like to discuss them with others, join this email discussion list devoted to the topic.


Got questions about TTEAM Clinics? Check out the TTEAM Clinic FAQ or send your questions to us using the contact link below.

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