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Frequently Asked Questions


TTEAM stands for the Tellington-Touch Equine (Every) Awareness (Animal) Method. Developed by Linda Tellington-Jones, her sister Robyn Hood, and a world-wide network of TTEAM Practitioners, TTEAM is a threefold approach to training:

A new way of thinking about and teaching animals, A system of exercises for training animals and for changing their behavior,
The TTouch, a way of learning to communicate directly with animals through specific ways of touching them.

TTEAM is a holistic approach to training and teaching, a system for the mind, body, and spirit of the animals. We seek to understand animals on may levels: physical, mental, behavioral, and emotional. TTEAM offers ways to reeducate "problem" animals, ways to start training young animals so they do not develop problems, and useful, safe, and time saving methods of handling and interacting with all animals.

How is TTEAM different from other methods?

TTEAM is based on the premise that when an animal "resists" it is because the animal is fearful, is in pain, or doesn't understand what is being asked. We assume that animals can think and reason: and they can't if they are afraid or confused. We use techniques that minimize fear, and therefore instinctive responses.

We do not rely on desensitization, habituation, domination, or repetition. TTEAM methods enable the handler/teacher to teach a variety of skills without frustration, teach confidence in the human/animal bond, and create a willing partnership based on mutual respect. Understand the philosophy, and take the time to learn TTEAM skills, and you will find yourself among those who can seemingly work magic with animals. The methods are practical, safe, and time efficient.

What is attending a TTEAM clinic like?

You will have fun, you will be challenged, and you will shake your head in disbelief at the changes you see in the animals that come to the clinic. You may participate in exercises designed to help you "get into the head" of horses and companion animals. You will refine leading techniques, and how balance (yours and the animal's) profoundly affects behavior.

You will be amazed at how much more you understand the animals in your life. We will cover a variety of topics such as starting

young animal's training, leading, transporting, obstacle training, catching and haltering, picking up feet and trimming nails, grooming, saddling issues for horses... the TTEAM approach to fixing behavioral difficulties and more! You will see a variety of training tools demonstrated: the wands and leads, body rope, body wrap, balance rein and ring, roller bit, halti, and lindell. You will get a chance to practice hands on using these tools and techniques.

Additional Questions about TTEAM?
Please send us your questions and we'll post them along with answers on this web site.

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