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Riding to Lightness


Riding to Lightness is a holistic, hands-on approach to horse training and riding developed by Raian Kaiser. Learn to fit and use equipment properly, and when, how, and why to use ground exercises and work under saddle. Through simple exercises, improve your balance and feel, and experience true partnership with your horse. Learn to train through communication and understanding rather than dominance, repetition, or habituation. Suitable for all breeds and riding styles.

Riding to Lightness
Horsemanship Clinics

See the Clinic Schedule for upcoming Riding to Lightness clinics. Or contact us to schedule a clinic in your area.

Private Training

Private riding lessons and training are available by appointment, at your facility or ours.

Got questions about Riding to Lightness? Check out the Riding to Lightness FAQ or send your questions to us using the contact link below.

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