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Frequently Asked Questions About
Riding to Lightness


What is Riding to Lightness ?

You have probably already seen a "master" horseman at work. How does s/he manage to communicate so effortlessly with the horse? How does s/he get results so quickly when dealing with "problem" horses? And how can we, mere mortals, manage to ever learn to do the same? Learning to ride is a life-long process, more than just mastering mechanical cues to get some "perfect"

response from our horses. It is a journey, full of self-discovery and lows as well as highs. People ride the way they are, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. That is why horses respond differently for different riders. Riding to Lightness is an aide to your transformation to becoming a master horseman.


Through work on the ground and under saddle, simple exercises to improve your tact and feel, you will experience the joy of true harmony and partnership with your horse. Riding to Lightness is a holistic approach to horse training and riding. I will guide you on your journey to becoming a master, helping you to avoid the pitfalls and problems I experienced on my own journey (which is still continuing!). In the process, I will probably learn more from you than you will from me -- just as your best teacher is your horse, so my greatest teachers have been my students both human and equine.

What is attending a Riding to Lightness clinic like?

You will have a chance to do many exercises both on the ground and while riding. The goal is to give you concrete ideas of how you can continue to improve your balance and ability to ride in self-carriage. We will explore correct use and fit of the equipment you choose to use. You will have the opportunity to ride different horses, and to learn how to communicate with understanding and trust.

My goal for you is to help you attain the next step on your journey, the culmination of which has been so eloquently described by Charles De Kunffy:

" (Riders) will be braver, stronger in body, mind and spirit. Their powers of concentration will deepen to a meditative state, oblivious of anything outside the harmonious absorption of their communion with their horse. Their focus will sharpen to cut the irrelevant away, making them steadfast in body, mind and spirit. Wiser in analysis, more resourceful in synthesis, they find their task and do it with dispatch. Profound empathy, born of love for the horse, tempered by respect, urged on by a growing tolerance, they become masters of the horse with enough humility not to displease him."

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