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2011 Clinic Schedule

Equine Touch | Riding to Lightness | TTEAM

Equine Touch Clinics

VHT modules 1 and 2March 21-23. Loveland, CO
VHT modules 3 and 4April 18-20. Loveland, CO

Equine Touch Level 1 and 2. Loveland, CO
 May 2-4
       June 27-29
      August 22-24

ET study includes anatomy


Equine Touch Level 1 and 2October 10-12. Emmett, ID

Equine Touch Level 3 PracticalSept 13-14. Loveland, CO

Equine Touch Level 3 TheoryOct 31-Nov 2. Loveland, CO

ET Level 2 and 3, Georgia


Stretching and Mobilization with ET Application and Layering
May 24-25. Loveland, CO

National Equine Touch Days in USA and Canada July 25-27

Ivana Ruddock DVM at 2007 ET instructor clinic




International Equine Touch Association meeting and associated clinic. TBA. Conowingo, MD




For info email equinetouchinfo@yahoo.com for more info.


Riding to Lightness Clinics

To be arranged, or call to plan your own (minimum two participants)

Cost: $250 for three days

Ground exercises and work under saddle to improve your horsemanship and ability to communicate with and train your horse. Learn how conformation and saddle fit affect performance. For all breeds and riding styles.

TTEAM Clinics



Hands-on work with horses. Learn and practice TTouch and ground work. Use TTEAM to change undesired behaviors and improve gaits and performance in horses.

Clinic Registration

You do not need to bring an animal to participate, as we have horses available to suit most riding levels. Space is limited, so register early if you want to bring your own horse or companion animals. You may register by calling 7 Acres Training at: 970-203-0725, sending email to: info@raian7acres.com, or using this print and mail form.

" We make horse calls"

Raian Kaiser
7 Acres Horse Training
Loveland, Colorado